The Village Quilts

Welcome to our site. The quilts displayed here are are handmade, locally produced and affordable. They are available for purchase at our store, the Village Green, 535 Ashley Street, Foxboro Ontario. In-store shopping is preferred and we look forward to meeting you.

If you see a quilt here that you like but are unable to visit the Village Green in person, we can arrange packing and delivery to your home. Please call Karyn at 613-961-0654 to make arrangements. The quilts shown here were all created by Karyn Wright - many of which are her own design. The quilting was done by either Manon Hunt or Glenda Saunders - both of whom are talented artisans from the local area. We are offering them here for sale because my family already have been gifted more than they need (or want!).

For sizing information, go to the page "Standard Bed Sizes" to see the size of standard mattresses and quilts. All the dimensions are in inches (I am still old-school) and they are listed as width x length.  

Please note: we do not exchange or refund the purchase price. However, if for some reason, you find your purchase is not acceptable, you must return the quilt in good condition and a store credit will be given. 

More about the Village Green: The store is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We first opened in 2001 as an organic gardening centre and have continued to offer organically grown seeds and seedlings in season. Our sister company - Terra Edibles - is housed at the Village Green. It offers a wide range of vegetable and herb seeds including over 100 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. You can order seeds online at www.terraedibles.ca and stop by the store in late May and June to pick up a wide selection of tomato, pepper and herb seedlings - available for pick up now!! Other items you can find at the store are: a fine selection of Stash teas, Algonquin teas, chocolates, Better Than Bouillon, Maia's Herbed Salts, wind chimes and an ever changing range of antiques.